Monday, 29 July 2013

#OOTD Sister's Birthday

*Chiffon Biker Jacket - c/o QuirkyME - £28.50
Black Tshirt - Primark - £3
Skinny Jeans - River Island - £10 (sale - not on website)
Wedges - Peacocks - Few seasons back
Bag - Mango - £19.99 (sale)

I've got to start by saying these jeans might just be my favourite pair ever! They're so light and comfy and the pattern just makes you feel good. The wedges are the comfiest shoes i have ever owned and are definitely a statement red and just seem to make any outfit come to life. The bag is one of my favourite buys this year and it's massive inside so can fit Everything in! All in all i loved this outfit and it was perfect for going for a meal as it was just dressy enough to look good but also perfect for the massive downpour of rain we faced on the way back!
Is it goodbye to our British summer?


  1. Hi! Just found your blog. I love your style and it's always good to find another brummy blogger.

  2. Thankyou hun :)
    It's definitely nice to know there's mroe bloggers around :) x