Friday, 12 July 2013

#OOTD Dad's Birthday

Denim Waiscoat - Ark Clothing - £12.50 (sale)
Crop Tee - Primark - £3
Jersey Pencil Skirt - Asda George - £6
Converse High-Tops - Asos - £26 (sale)

So yesterday was my dad's birthday and the first day i recall it not raining in years! So we agreed to meet up in town for lunch and so i could give him his present and card. The weather was gorgeous and a bit humid so we ended up enjoying a Ploughman's lunch with glasses of lemonade whilst sitting outside of a lovely little cafe, up one of the little side streets.
It was a lovely day and my dad was full of smiles, let's hope for this weather again next year?


  1. Your hair is so cool, I miss having cool shades in mine! That top looks really versatile! Will have to sniff one out in my local Primarni :) sounds like you had a good time - jealous! Love ploughmans!

  2. Thankyou! :)
    Yeah it's really comfy too!
    I don't usually have them but it was difficult deciding what to eat in this heat!
    I love your blog by the way! Your recent haul video was fab :)