Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fabb Events Manchester Meet Up

So on Saturday i headed i caught 2 trains and headed up to Manchester for the Fabb Events blogger meet up held by the lovely Ray and Tor.
After getting lost on Dale Street and being 25 minutes late! I finally got my wristband and ventured into the venue..

I was a little beyond nervous on the train as it was my first blogger event but as soon as i entered the room and saw everyone smiling and chatting away that quickly vanished!

They had lots of yummy cupcakes!
But i resisted and only had one- which was delicious!

The stalls were amazing! They inluded Lavish Alice's new collection, SouthBeach Swimwear and Tinned Bananas!

And amazing bags by La Moda..

After browsing and checking out all of them, i met the lovely Chessie from 1 girl, 4 cats & a peacock
Us using props from PropBooth!
She was so lovely and i absolutely loved her outfit!

We even decorated our own false eyelashes! We felt like we were in Art Class backa t school and we got glitter Everywhere!

So after receiving loads of small goodies and then a giant goodie bag at the end, i also won a prize! Yay!
We said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways. It was an amazing event, great for meeting and chatting to other bloggers and i met some lovely new friends.

Thankyou for an amazing day Fabb Events! 

Please check out my 1st ever YouTube video all about the goodie bags we recieved!


  1. It was a great event wasn't it! I loved it :)
    Great blog, I'm your new follower!

    F xx


  2. I know, it was brilliant :)
    Awh thankyou! xx