Tuesday, 30 July 2013

3 Years & Counting.. Lifestyle post

So today, me and Sonic celebrated our 3 year anniversary and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We spent the day mostly playing Crash Team Racing on the Playstation and then we ordered in a takeaway pizza. That may seem slightly boring and not very 'celebratory' but to us it was perfect. Oh yeah.. and he bought me a Smurf!

Smurfette <3

One main thing i've learnt whilst being in a relationship for this long is that those 'lovey dovey' stereotypes really don't exist most of the time and that isn't what creates that romantic atmosphere. Sure, of course it's absolutely lovely to dress up and go out to nice restaurants, buy each other presents, receive flowers and all the stuff you see in the movies.. But i know that by now if the boyfriend did any of that i'd presume that he'd forgetton something or done something wrong! Because to me that isn't what our relationship is about.
Our relationship is about being there for each other when we need to talk, being a shoulder to cry on, having trust when situations can get complex and knowing that we're the one each other wants to come home to at the end of every day. We make compromises and sacrifices, stand up for each other and ensure that the other one is happy, sure we argue but what kind of couple doesn't?

I don't tend to do lifestyle posts very often but this is something i just wanted to note down and i feel it will be nice to look back on in years to come.
I hope that he is my future and all i know is that if it doesn't work out, that i'll have all these lovely memories and these years will have definitely been worthwhile