Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World's Weirdest Foods - Summer Holidays

As the time for summer holidays is approaching quickly and having known quite a few people that are already on them, it made me wonder what other foods there are available to consume?
Other than the All-Inclusive hotel restaurants, Beach Cafes and Snack bars, what are the popular cuisine for the locals and how many of us would actually eat them?

Money Supermarket have compiled a list of the World's Weirdest Foods and please note..
You may not want to be eating when you read this!
They have also outlined some of the potential dangers and useful facts to avoid any mishaps when it comes to eating and drinking abroad!
I hope you find this useful if you are off to another country this summer!

The most exotic foods i have ever eaten are Crocodile curry in an indian restaurant and enjoying a Buffalo BBQ when on holiday/safari in Kenya, so although a little exotic those are nothing compared to the ones below.. I wouldn't fancy preparing any of these myself either!

What 'exotic' or 'weird' foods have you ever tried on holiday?

Created by MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

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