Thursday, 25 July 2013

Derma V10 Tinted Eye Roll On

I'd been hearing a lot about these type of products but never really felt the need to invest in them, but when i recieved this in my goodie bag at the Fabb Bloggers Manc a couple of weeks ago i was really intrigued!
I do tend to get dark circles under my eyes sometimes, usually due to stress and lack-of-sleep but i'd never really noticed how bad they looked before as i just used my usual foundation and concealer. But now i think this is a product i can't live without!

Before using..
On my face..
After use

I think it makes a visible difference and definitely gets rid of any unwanted purpley-coloured dark circles. After laying this up with my usual foundation and matte they are not visible at all! It is super-easy to apply, simply remove the cap, gently roll the ball across the underneath of your eyes and gently massage in with your fingertips. I am really impressed with this product and it has become one of my make-up favourites and essentials! I'd recommend this for anyone that ever suffers  with tired eyes or dark circles. It is suitable for all skin types and is fragrance and paraben free.

The best bit?
DermaV10 tinted eye roll on can be bought in Poundland!
Derma V10 have so many other products that i am yet to try out but if this product is anythignt o go by, i will definitely be investing in others


  1. I was at FABB Manchester too but I never saw you! So first off HI! :) Also, I didn't get this particular product but I've been thinking about getting an eye roll on for a little while now and you're so right, you can see such a difference, I think you have me sold, I may even pop to Poundland and pick up this particular one. Great review and what a lovely little blog!
    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx

    1. Hi! :)
      Thankyou so much! I'd never even thought about getting one before i used this, but now i can't belkieve i never had one before!

  2. wow!! that's amazing how much difference you can see from the pictures, you've sold me on this product for sure!

    I am a newbie to your blog but also blogging in general so would be amazing if you could check out my blog!

    Jess xx

    1. Thankyou :)
      It really is simple to use and a definite must-have for me now :)
      No problem at all, i've just folloer you on Twitter x