Friday, 5 July 2013 Subscription Box

I came across this whilst browsing on Groupon the other day. is a Gourmet Goodies subscription box which is sent out monthly.
The usual price is £14.99 per month (free delivery) but i got mine for the bargain price of only £6!
So i just cuoldn't resist trying it and since i have only subscribed to beauty boxes before, i was really intrigued about what i would recieve! I'm also a big lover of organic and natural foods so i couldn't wait for it to arrive..

So.. What did i get in my box??
Yummy Selection!

Super Natural 'Real Fruit Energy' Drink
I'm really looking forward to trying this, i don't really like drinking energy drinks because of all the rubbish that goes in them so this will be a nice alternative.

Nim's Fruit Crisps - Pineapple & Kiwi
These have really intrigued me! I love dried fruit such as raisins and banana chips but i don't think i have ever heard of having dried Kiwi before! I love kiwi though so really looking forward to snacking on these. Even better.. they only have 73 calories in the entire bag!

Kent's Kitchen Spicy Korma Meal Kit
I have never seen before and i think they look really cool and quirky - thye'd definitely catch my eye in the supermarket! The kit includes: 1 x Spicy Korma sauce, 1 x Herbs/Spices and 1x Infused Garlic Oil. The back of the box tells you what else you need to add to complete the meal and also gives you a recipe!I think this will be great fun to try out.

SuperJam in Strawberry 100% pure fruit spread
The name had me hooked from the second i saw it. I have already indulged in this as i couldn't resist after taking the picture and i have to say it is absolutely delicious! It tastes really light and sweet and is gorgeous on toast! I think this may just actually be SuperJam!

Organic Raw Chocolate Mulberries - The Raw Chocolate Co.
I was really intrigued by these as i had heard of the company before but never tried any of their products. I had also never tried mulberries! Although i'm sad to say, these just weren't for me.. I found the chocolate on them too strong and a little bitter and i just really didn't enjoy the combination of the 2 flavours but i'm definitely still open to trying some of their other products in the future (if you're a fan of dark chocolate i think you might enjoy these)

Joe & Seph's Popcorn with Caramel, Honey & Hazelnuts
This was absolutely Gorgeous! My boyfriend grabbed them almost immediately and i feared that if i didn't have my fair share now there may be none left! This popcorn is amazingly moreish and sweet, the flavour is also really strong and intense which i really enjoyed. You can definitely taste the difference from regular popcorn, this is more light and fluffy wuth a much more natural and strong flavour - i definitely recommend this! There is also just enough for a two-person portion in this bag, perfect for a movie treat!

Camomile & Lavender Flowers caffeine free - The Wee Tea Company
I cannot wait to try this as i adore fruit tea! Although for this i need to invest in a tea strainer as i usually drink instant fruit tea but that's ok.. i'm sure it won't hurt my pocket too much! I find fruit tea a great alternative to coffee and i love drinking it before bed as i find it really relaxing - you should definitely give it a go

Pork, Mushrooms & Madeira meal - Ilumi
I'm not usually one for eating ready meals as i prefer to prepare main meals from scratch as i just love cooking and don't really like all the rubbish that usually goes into ready meals. But this might be an exception as it has all natural ingredients and you add your own freshly cooked rice to make a meal so we'll see how it goes! You simply pop in into the microwave for 2 mins and it's done

So that is everything i received in my box. I'd say overall i am impressed with the range of things included but i'm still not sure that i could bring myself to part with £14.99 a month for this.
I will do another review in a week or so when i've had a chance to try everything so please keep a look out if you're interested!


  1. Oh this sounds good, although I agree it's abit much to pay monthly! Xx

  2. Oh I love this!


  3. I've just reviewed mine too . Really looking forward to the meal kits