Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Everybody's Going Surfing

Roxy Girl .x
A statement necklace can instantly change an outfit.
Add a crop jumper when it gets cooler.
Roxy Boardshorts - Ebay
Crop Tee - Primark
Statement Necklace - New Look
Crop Jumper - Forever21
Slip Ons - New Look

These Roxy surf shorts have been in my life for around a year now but it wasn't until the beginning of last month that i decided to wear them outside of the house! I absolutely love the comfort factor as well as the awesome design and knee-length cut. The mint green makes me think of mint choc-chip ice cream and beach memories growing up. They are surprisingly good at keeping your legs warm on windy days too! Roxy is an amazing brand, perfect for all your surf-style needs! Definitely check them out if you're heading near a beach this year or if you simply love the style!
Teaming them with a crop tee I thought was a good way to bring a more womanly twist to them. I am aware they can look sort of masculine but it really doesn't bother me. I also thought i'd mix it up and add a chunky statement necklace to the outfit - I think it worked quite well and I love the whole look of the outfit.
The cropped jumper was a bargain find when trawling the Forever21 sale last year and I snatched this baby up for only £3!! (They have another Sale on right now so i'd check it out if I were you!) It is super comfy and warm, so now i'm ready to head to the beach - better book some flights to somewhere warm first though!
Surf lessons here I come!


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