Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Top Film Picks: May

I thought i'd do something a little different today as this month i've been loving just snuggling down in my PJ's and sticking on a good film! So i'm going to share with you my favourites this month and also some films i'm planning on watching in the near future: I hope you enjoy this post!

The Wolf Of Wall Street
This movie is one i just had to snap up for my collection! I'm a big lover of Leonardo DiCaprio films, especially his outstanding performances in the newer ones and this film is no exception to that. I would highly recommend either buying or atleast renting this film as it is pure brilliance and a real eye-opener to the history of  the Wall Street headlines.

So when this film was first advertised at the cinema, me and my friends were counting down the days until it was released! Quentin Tarantino is a legend in his own right and this film was the best i'd seen last year by far! The acting quality is amazing and the somewhat shocking scenes and the realisation of what it was like in the past is both eye-opening and astounding. It's a definite must-see and one i could personally watch again and again

This Is The End
This was my favourite Comedy of the year when we saw it at the cinema last year, it has so many great one-liners, cameos and shocking scenes that makes this a big winner for teenagers and young adults - especially if you hang-out with a group of lads! Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan are on their top form in this film and it's a real Laugh-Out-Loud film that drags you in. There's even 90s Backstreet Boys.. what's not to love??

White Chicks
So a little throwback from the past but ultimately and arguably one of the greatest comedy films to hit our screens! It's brilliantly witty, relatable and perfect for guys and girls, my parents even love it! It's a great don't-know-what-to-watch movie that's a good all-rounder and if you haven't seen it yet - get watching!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
I loved the first 'Cloudy' film so for me this was a must-buy! I didn't actually get to see this one in the cinema but it was a fab experience watching it at home. With the super-cute foodimals and the loveable characters it's a great family film that shares messages of trust, family and friendship - perfect for all ages but Barry the Strawberry is my faovurite!! Join the gang on a new adventure where they save the Foodimals from extinction and save the world from an evil scientist!

Alien vs Predator Trilogy
A real throwback but a trilogy i have recently picked up preowned because i couldn't believe that i didn't own it! The whole creepiness of 'Aliens' in it's prime and the sight of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in his army gear is pure perfection for a chill-out sunday afternoon, taking me back to my young teenage days!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend!

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