Sunday, 14 April 2013

NEW Dairy MIlk Marvellous Creations Review

I had heard about these being released via the Cadbury Facebook page and i couldn't wait to try them for myself!

I found these in my local cornershop and at the introductory price of 50p - couldn't resist trying both!

I absolutely love the new packaging as it's so much mroe eye-catching and looks like it would be fun to eat! I like the white stripes which stand out against the background and give me the impression of a circus-tent almost which made me more intrigued! Showing a physical picture of the product on the bar was also a really appealing factor for me. Each flavour has a seperate colour to differenciate the flavours too.

The chocolate bar is divided into segments in rounded, triangular shaped pieces that are easily snappable. I really liked the new shape as it makes it look more indulgent. Also the new texture of the top as it is a grainy-effect and makes it feel and taste more luxorious on your tongue.

The new bar comes in two flavours:

Cadbury Cookie Nut Crunch

When i snapped the first piece off i could see the individual little pieces of crunchy biscuit which made me smile. This is because some chocolate bars now that have 'pieces' in don't have much in at all, but from the fact i could see quite a few in one seperate piece made me know that it was going to be full of flavour!

When i put the first segment into my mouth the yumminess of Cadbury chocolate filled it all up! It really does melt in the mouth and the new texture reminded me of much more 'luxorious' chocolate. As i bit into the first segment i could taste the little bit of biscuit crunch individually which surprised me as i didn't expect to be able to taste much being encased in rich chocolate. The cookie pieces had a sweet taste and a nice crumbly texture. Although i couldn't taste much of the nuttiness, it tasted amazing all the same, but if you are looking for a more nutty flavour i would stick to Whole Nut Cadbury chocolate.

Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy Shells

When i snapped the segments as before, i could see a yummy yellow and a yummy blue candy shell staring me in the face and i couldn't wait to gobble it up! Once again i could see quite a few shells throughout the bar which made it look all the more moreish!
When biting into the first segment the yummy Cadbury chocolate flavour filled my mouth. Being encased in rich chocolate, i wasn't sure how nice the 'jelly' would taste but i was pleasantly surprised! The jelly had a very smooth texture and wasn't gooey at all, sort of like eating a bit of the centre of a firm-ish jelly baby!

The Candy shells were multi-coloured (mostly yellow and red in my bar). They have a thin outer shell and are filled with soft chocolate, like m&ms, apart from the fun fact is they're filled with popping candy! The popping filled my mouth and it was really fun to eat! I've always loved the feeling popping candy gives you and it never stops me feeling like i'm a child again!

If you're a fan of Cadbury chocolate i would definitely reccommend to give these a try!

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