Sunday, 28 April 2013

Percy & Reed London Colour & Shine Conditioner review!

Percy & Reed LONDON
Really Rather Radiant
Colour & Shine Conditioner
(For Coloured Hair)

As a regular reader of magazines, i love getting freebies with ones such as; Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Company.
I was lucky enough to recieve this freebie a few months back but forgot about it until i discovered it duirng my Spring room clearout last week!

Percy & Reed LONDON are a company that i haven't used before, i have heard of them but have never got round to buying any of their products.
I love the unique design of this bottle and the cute picture which instantly draws you to it and makes it look much more appealing and interesting!

As the picture shows the image of a woman with voluminous and radiant hair in monochrome, it amkes it look more chic and professional i think. The image has a little slogan written next to it stating "Get the Gloss!"

It came in a 100ml bottle which i think is extremely generous and i was surprised at how big it was for a freebie!
The logo is printed in bold print at the top of the bottle and underneath it reads 'hair.' in a lovely double-lettered font which i think makes it really unique.

I shampooed my hair as usual and then reached for this bottle, it looked quite luxorious compared to my usual Avon and Tresemme' products!
When i opened the bottle, i smelt a faint and gentle Aloe Vera scent which was actually quite relaxing. The consistency is quite thick and seemed more like a lotion to me and it felt really creamy and soft!

I followed the directions printed on the back of the bottle which read;
'Work the conditioner into the palms of your hands and smooth through the hair, working from roots to ends, then massage. Rinse thoroughly. For extra conditioning leave for 1-2 minutes'

I was quite surprised at how dedicated and fluent the instructions were, i liked the fact that they were telling you exactly what to do to get the best result!
I felt quite luxorious to be 'massaging' my hair! But it really worked and was really easy to apply and also easy to rinse out.
The back of the bottle also has a 'Salon Secret' tip on the back - i think this little extra is brilliant as it makes you feel like you are recieving more than the product but also the advice of the company!
It read: 'For extra gloss, rinse thoroughly with cold water to close down the cuticle'

It all sounded very professional! But i was a little scared to try the cold water tip the first time, so maybe next time i will be able to reveal if it works!

I am so pleased and impressed with this product and as i got it as a freebie, am more estatic! I will definitely be checking out more of the Percy & Reed LONDON range!

This product is available to buy at the following retailers at £16.00 for 250ml
Harvey Nichols
John Lewis

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