Thursday, 25 April 2013

ASDA Blueberry Muffin flavour Milk Limited Edition Review

I was doing my weekley food shop in the local ASDA when i came across the flavoured milk drinks.
I have tried the banana and chocolate ones before and found them to be really nice in flavour. I saw a sign for a 'Limited Edition' one and at only 50p! i just ahd to get one and try one!

The thing i love about the ASDA 'Chosen by You' milk drinks is that they actually taste quite natural. The flavours are still quite intense but taste very similar to the natural produce that they're compared to. Such as; the banana milk drink actually tastes like homemade banana milkshake and Not sugary and artificial!

The messages: HIGH IN CALCIUM and BRITISH MILK are written clearly on the front of the bottle and they come in handy 330ml serving plastic bottles so they are a much more suitable size for children.

Ingredients (as listed): Semi-skimmed milk, sugar, skimmed milk powder, Stabilizers,  Concentrated Blueberry juice, Natural colours & flavourings

Although the flavours are usually very close to the natural products they represent, i was a bit optimistic about this one as i don't think i have ever tried a drink that is meant to taste like a cake before!

The colour was a gorgeous deep blue-purple which made it look very attractive and was part of the reason i picked it up in the first place!
The purple banner on the product and the tasty looking muffin and milk picture on the label also helped!

I couldn't believe it when i took the first sip - i actually felt like i was consuming a real blueberry muffin! It was quite a strange feeling at first, thinking that i could taste it without biting into something! But it was absolutely gorgeous!
I could actually taste the cakey-mixture and fresh blueberries like they were freshly baked!

I will definitely be picking a few up as they are Limited Edition!

They are available on the ASDA Groceries website for 50p each.
Grab them while you can!

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