Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Walking & Exploring.. a day in the sun

I woke up this morning to gorgeous sunshine and i just wanted to get up and get out!
So after eating a bowl of Rice Krispies and walking our gorgeous Mister Stig.. we decided to just go walking and see where we ended up!

We bought some bread and followed the canal for around half a mile, i saw some beautiful flowers i haven't seen since i was little! We also attempted to feed the ducks but they didn't seem to want any bread today! I think they're too busy trying to have little fluffy cute ducklings!

So we kept walking and eventually came to a bridge that we'd never seen before by a big water pipe.. we crossed over into what looked like a nature reserve, it had a small metal fence and a crossroads leading to the left and to the right..

We decided to go right and followed it down past a pool filled with reeds and a few ducks (which i bet is where they're having the ducklings!) and came across a gap in the fence which led into a sort-of clearing filled with arched trees.. i absolutely love nature! So i couldn't wait to start exploring..

It didn't take long to find something beautiful and amazing..

After consulting the satnav on Sonic's Iphone.. we discovered we were infact in Moorcroft Wood - in Walsall.
I could've honestly stayed there all day! It was absolutely beautiful and i couldn't believe how clear the water was.. you could honestly see right through it to the bottom!

We sat for a bit, enjoying the sunshine and the beauty of the place but then we got a bit hungry and decided to start heading back..
We also decided that next time we'll take a little picnic with us so we can stay all day!

We finished off by enjoying a nice cold pint of Guinness at The Gospel Oak on the walk home - lovely bliss for a sunny day!

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