Saturday, 27 April 2013

Models Own Nail Beads in Neon Green review!

On my recent Mini-Haul in Boots, i couldn't resist picking these up! As soon as i saw them i knew i had to try them!

They are part of their Artistix range and one i am very keen to try more products from! The Neon Green caught my eye as i Love bright colours and also i was also buying the Apple Pie shade of their new Fruit Pastel Scented collection, and i thought they would be a great compliment to each other!
I have seen many designs of people using Nail Beads all over the internet and was very keen to try them myself! I wasn't going to go for anything too Over-The-Top but at only £4 i couldn't resist!

I Loved the cute and bright eye-catching packaging.. Especially the little instructions on the back, i thought what a brilliant idea! The packaging is also recyclable - Bonus for me.

When removing the bottle from the outer box, i actually realised how many beads there actually were and with only a £4 pricetag, what a bargain! I love the little glass jar as it looks elegant and professional, the big white lid makes it appear to be Nail Polish though.

Cleverly, after removing the lid, a small see-through lid had been stuck over the gap to ensure no product spilt out before opening it properly - big plus for a mucky-pup like myself! After removing that i looked at the beads and how Neon they actually were! I was so excited to try them out!

After painting my index and fourth-finger with the Apple Pie Fruit Pastel nail polish, i quickly tipped the beads onto the polish to ensure they stuck and just.. WOW! It was like a Neon shower!
They do tend to go Everywhere so try to be gentle when tipping the bottle. I Used a towel over my lap whilst sitting on the edge of my bed and used an A4 notepad to rest my hands on.
After doing those 2 nails, i decided to try a different base colour so that the beads stood out a bit more. I chose my all-time Favourite Nail Polish Ciate' in Jelly Bean which is a vibrant pink!
So.. the result so far?

They look bright and amazing! (in my opinion!)

I decided to do the rest of my nails using the pink so they were alternate in colour and i was really surprised how quickly i got the hang of using the beads and also how simple they were to use!

I even managed no mess and just simply threw the few excess beads from teh towel outside the back door.

I now have bright, eye-catching nails for my night out.. i'm actualy wondering at this moment if the Nail Beads are Neon enough to glow in the dark!

They are the most amazing product and i can't wait to invest in the other 4 colours!


  1. I love how bright these are!! perfect for summer aswell!! xx

  2. I know they're brilliant! I'll definitely be stocking up on the Neon Pink ones aswell! :)

  3. So bright! Lovely! My collection is low on Models Own..
    Perfect for the season!


  4. Thanks :) the other colours are fab too! Can't wait to invest in the neon pink ones and maybe the black ones too..x