Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NEW Clover Seedburst Spread

I picked this NEW Clover Seedburst spread up when shopping at my local Asda supermarket last week when i found it at the bargain price of only £1.00!

I was really excited to try this product from the second i heard about it's release!
I do try my best to eat a balanced diet and i love natural tasting products at the best of times, especially things like nuts & seeds. It is a whole new concept and i couldn't wait to try it for myself!

When i first opened the lid, the foil that covers the top of the butter was there as usualy but this time, a lot more eye-catching and it had a little message on too:

"To liven up your toast, bagels and warm, crusty baguettes, spread with new Clover Seedburst.
Why not try it melted onto oven crisp jacket potatoes, stirred through freshly cooked vegetables, or as a finishing touch for creamy mashed potatoes.
Find us on Facebook.com"

I quite like the fact it seems quite personal and that this message applies directly to you, i find it a really nice touch to the product - thumbs up for this!

(as you can see within the 5 days we have had it, it has been very well loved!)

When i peeled back the foil, a lovely sight awaited me..
The sight of a yellow cream dotted with tiny specks!
I couldn't wait to try it on everything i could think of!

It provides a gorgeous creamy but crunchy texture on slices of toast, you can really taste the different seeds coming through and it isn't an unpleasant texture in your mouth! I expected to be able to feel all the lumpy-bumpy bits but you can't at all!
The whole family absolutely Love it and i will have to be investing in some more!
To add a little bit of natural essence to your meals, it's the perfect way to go!

I even tried mine on warmed Croissants!
They were absolutely delicious!

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