Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Green Gables Notebook - The Gifted Penguin Review

I received an email a few weeks back from The Gifted Penguin mentioning that they were having a sale..
So naturally i clicked straight over there to take a look!

The Gifted Penguin sells a vast range of products from Jewellery, to Homeware, to Retro Sweets! They provide brilliant customer service and delivery is only £2.95! But free with orders over £50!

I came across a notebook made by the company The Green Gables which are an eco-friendly British brand and design studio of Gabrielle Treanor. She hand draws all the illustrations found on the company's products and then develops them digitally to create the gorgeous patterns and effects. They supply stationery, gifts and decorations.

The notebook was simply packaged, but still looked absolutely gorgeous! In a see-through packaging and a sticker reading 'From The Gifted Penguin'. It also had a paper banner wrapped around stating the company and the name of the product. It was simple but elegant and i loved it!

The wrapping is actually made of Compostable & Bio-degradable Plastic (corn starch) which i was really impressed with! I love anything that i can recycle and that is healthy for the nature and earth around us!

What attracted me to this notebook was the simplicitya nd uniqueness. The front of the notebook is plain white, but covered with multi-coloured hand-drawn typewriters stating all the things you could use the notebook for!

The ones listed are;

This really touched me as i could imagine how many thoughts and how much work had gone into creating this product,  as well as the passion of Gabrielle Treanor who draws everything.
It got my mind working instantly, thinking about all the things i could use it for myself. Those probably combining atleast a few of the ones listed on the outside design!

The inside were completely plain pages - the centre-fold is pictured above - which just shows how easily the book is held together. The paper has that crisp, new feel and a slight roughness that makes me know it is all naturally produced.

I absolutely LOVE this notebook and will definitely purchase more from both The Gifted Penguin and The Green Gables companies in the future!
It will be staying firmly by my side and might even appear in my other posts for noting references!


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