Wednesday, 17 April 2013

After Eight munchies-style chocolates Review

I have always loved After-Eight mints, since i was a little girl and my gran sued to give me one when i stayed over the night. I'd think they were 'expensive' and savour mine by biting off the tiniest bites that were still so minty and full of flavour!

So after seeing these in my local shop, i just had to try them!

I love the fact that they are in the style of Munchies (another of my favourites!)
When i opened the paket my suspicions were confirmed! They were in the cubed-shapes all queued up waiting to be savoured and loved..
They are dark chocolate - the same as regular After Eight's - filled with a deliously creamy and soft white minty centre. As soon as i popped one into my mouth the sweet, dark chocolate sensation filled my mouth and as i bit into the centre of the first cube, the same strong minty taste that i have always loved, filled my mouth with what felt like happy memories!

They are literally mini After-Eight's perfect to eat as a sensational treat or even on the go! I can't wait until i bring some out at Christmas and on special occasions! Might even have one on a saturday night like i did when i was a little girl...

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