Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Toy Collector's Fair - NEC, Birmingham on behalf of Groupon

After checking my ridiculous amount of daily emails.. i came across one from Groupon offering me a £5 discount on any of their current deals!

I happily quickly went to check out the Groupon website to see which deals might appeal to me.

Sonic has been wanting to go to the Toy Collector's Fair at NEC, Birmingham for quite some time now but we never seem to find the time to actually go..
Luckily, Groupon had an amazing deal on being:

2 Adult tickets for Toy Collector's Fair, NEC Birmingham for only £6!!

These are usually worth £6 each so they were already 50% off..
So teamed with my amazing £5 voucher on behalf of Groupon i hav managed to buy 2 Adult tickets for this event for only £1!

I can't wait to go now and to review the whole experience! Thankyou Groupon for this amazing deal!

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