Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Review!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to review these a couple of months back with SuperSavvyMe! I thought it was a brilliant product but as i never reviewed it on my blog before, i thought i'd do a proper review.

I picked mine up from my local Boots store as they have it at Half Price at the minute - only £5.49! Unfortunately, they didn't stock the blades at my local store so i just picked up another razor instead. Although you can buy the blades online in packs of:

I think i'd buy the packs of 3 blades, but i do think the packs of 6 are really expensive to be honest.

I do absolutely Love the razor though. When i first got asked to trial this i was trying to be optimistic but as i have sensitive skin it is really difficult to find products -especially razors - that don't irritate my skin. And i'm so accident prone i don't get through many shaves without atleast 1 cut!
However i gave it the benefit of the doubt.. and i was So wrong to doubt it!

Firstly, the product comes in a stable yet easy-to-open packaging which is a massive 'Thumbs Up' for me! It can take me ages to get into some razor's packaging and it can totally put you off them before you've even used them.
This packaing has an easy inwards slot that you simply pull back and the top flips open! Everything inside is held steady with a seperate piece of plastic.

You get a stable packaging box which can be excellent to keep your razor, extra blades and shower-holder in when travelling! The razor itself is attached to the plastic inside but simply slots out when pulled. It is already atatched to the shower-holder within the packaging too so they are already together which is good. The blade itself is in a small plastic pod with the name of the razor on the top - which is a bonus as i have a few razor blades in my beauty-bag that i'd hate for them to get mixed up!

The blade is easy to release, the pod has a film top with 2 tabs to make it easy to remove.
The blade itself looks quite feminine and gentle i thought. It is a combination of 5 blades, with Olay moisture bars above and below them. This is brillaint for me too as when attached it to the razor, there is something surrounding the blades therefore making me less likely to injure myself!
It is really simle to fix to the top of the razor, simply slot it in and away you go!

When first using the razor i was almost certain it would 'knick my skin or the lather would irritate but honestly the results were amazing! I simply wet my legs and then the razor slightly, and began to run the blade down my shin. The blade had a surprisingly smooth and soft texture and i couldn't believe how quickly it was removing the hair, i usually have to go over an area twice to ensure it's all gone! I was being really gentle and cautious but i soon realised there was no need, it was the quickest time it had ever taken me to use a razor! I was in and out the bathroom in around 10 minutes!
I didn't even get anywhere near the end of the Moisture bars - there was plenty left!

Another brilliant asset to this razor is that it comes with the shower attachment, one i might add that Actually Sticks! I was amazed that it didn't fall off as usually the suction pads on things these days aren't of a brilliant standard, and the razor slots in easily and doesn't fall!

I rinsed my legs with warm water and dabbed them dry as usual, i couldn't believe the softness of my skin! I don't think my skin has felt that soft in around a few years! I had no sign of any irritation or redness and my skin felt fully moisturised and refreshed!

I think the razor looks very proefessional and definitely one that i am proud to own. It really is amazing for it's price!


  1. I did this thru super savvy me too, really like it! When you go back to normal blades after trying this one, they feel like something is missing.
    my suction thingy wouldnt stay up at all though!

  2. I know yeah! The few disposable razors i have used in-between purchases feel so rough on your skin..
    Oh no! Mine stayed stuck to my shower for hours!