Sunday, 21 April 2013

Swizzells Matlow NEW Squashies range Review!

I've always loved classic sweets.. Especially the Swizzells Matlow brand! All my childhood favourites; Love Hearts, Double Lollies, refreshers and Drumstick..

I was so excited when i receieved this amazing parcel on a gloomy, slighly overcast day.. i felt like my dreams had come true!

I was lucky enough to be sent 1 big bag and 1 small bag of each of the new Squashies range to Review.

As you do, i decided to start on the big bags as a treat! I shared them with Sonic, and also my parents as i couldn't possibly eat the all on my own!

Love Hearts Squashies
I have always loved these, so dived in for them first!

They are round in shape and obviously 'squashy'! They have white bases - the sort you find on Haribo hearts, and are brightly coloured on the top. The Love Hearts come in 5 colours; Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange and White.

They are around twice the size of orginal Love Hearts but still have the classic originality of the hearts and messages on the top! The only difference is this time the messages are the same colour as the hearts so don't stand out as much. (i just think this makes them more fun to read!)
My first one read: 'Crazy Man' and reading it almost instantly took me back to childhood memories or reading them and laughing with my friends.

They do have a distinctive flavour which is tangy and juicy and they are very enjoyable to eat and the chewiness is half the fun!

Double Lollies Squashies
I have very fond memories of these so couldn't wait to try the new version!

They are shaped in little domes and thinking about it, f you put a stick in one they would definitely have the resembellense of double lollies! Most of them are 2 combined colours, such as pink on top and orange on the bottom and also green on top with purple underneath and there are also plain white ones.
They are Squidgy in touch and are coated in sugar which gives a rough texture. They are quite chewy when you bite into the centre and the flavour really comes out! There is a strong, intense flavour that seems to emerge from the middle that definitely resembles double lollies! They have that slightly 'chalky' aftertaste too that i definitely remember!

Refreshers Squashies
My memories of these is that you always got them in party bags!

These come in the 2 classic colours of yellow and pink and in the original rectangular shape too! They are quite firm in touch and shape, they are also coated in sugar to create a rough texture. You can definitely feel this when you bite into the sweets but it doesn't feel unpeasant, and they are very juicy! The flavour spreads around your mouth easily.

The pink ones are quite mellow and sweet, whereas the yellow ones are much more tangy and strong with a hint of lemon. They defiitely remind me of refreshers and the flavours are pretty much spot on!

Drumstick Refreshers
Drumsticks were probably my favourite growing up as they were so chewy but soft at the same time!

These instantly reminded me of Drumsticks as soon as i looked at them! The colour combinations were perfect white topped with pink and also reversed, pink topped with white. They even smelt like an original Drumtick lolly and i can imagine that the flavour would be tricky to get spot on!

They are soft to touch and have a smooth texture, they have a seemingly light flavour when you first put them in your mouth, but then when you chew - a stronger, more distinctive flavour comes through which is about as perfect as you can get to the original! 

I enjoyed all of these very much and i really felt like a kid again when tastng them and tasting all those original yummy flavours! I think as a New range that they are absolutely brilliant - defiitely a lot less messy than the original too as you don't have all the extra packaging and stickiness!

I will definitely be buying these for a treat and also for trips as they  are great for the whole family!

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