Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kelloggs Fruit Loops - A Blast From the Past!

When i first saw that these had made a comeback, i was a bit sceptical about whether or not to try them as i LOVED them when i was little and didn't want to ruin the good memories if i didn't like them as much now.

But eventually a few days ago, i gave in..

And i'm so happy that i did!

What i love about fruit loops are the bright colours on the box which make it seem really attractive, fun and exciting! Pretty much like a kid again!

They have the 'must-have' children's puzzle on the back as always and again the toucan that represents the brand.

I was quite surprised how full the box was when i opened it, as some new cereals don't seem to have as much in as the box makes you believe..

The colours of the actual cereal are green, purple and orange! Exotic and vibrant colours which match the brand exactly. They are quite crunchy and sweet but don't taste sugary which i think is a good think if teamed with milk.

They really were as yummy as i can remember! They have a subtle fruity taste which makes them not too strong for breakfast and the perfect balance for children too!
They seem to make breakfast time more fun and enjoyable too - great start to the day, especially as they go back to school next week!

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