Tuesday, 16 April 2013

McVitie's Dora Milk Chocolate Biscuits review

I found these amazingly cute and charming biscuits in my local cornershop so i couldn't wait to see what they were like!

The McVitie's brand is one that i am very fond of, they seem to have a bit of evrything! I was surprised to see these as i had never seen or heard of them before and adding a child-friendly area to their brand makes it all the more appealing!
After reading the packaging, i can confirm that these were imported from Austrailia (which is obviously why i hadn't heard of them before) so i was so happy that i'd found a little gem!
The box is 20cm high, 9cm wide and 4 cm deep. It contains 6 packets of 2 biscuits, all individually wrapped. I think these are brilliant for children! For long journeys especially aswell as a little treat!

Each individually wrapped packets displays a Dora character on the front, there are 2 of each of the above in each box. Sniper the fox, Boots the monkey and Benny the bull. I think it's brilliant that McVitie's have taken the time to put the characters inside the box as well as on it as this makes it more fun for chidren to enjoy and the happiness continues right until the last bite!

The very reason the fun continues until the last bite is that pictures are actually printed in the biscuits too! Each individually wrapepd pack has a biscuite with boots on and a biscuit with the star that frequently appears on the tv programme. I think this is brilliant as it enables the children to feel that they are part of something special and have fun. Keeping the pack to 2 biscuits is also good as it enables you to take a few individually wrapped packs in the car, rather than the whole box and allows children a small treat as oppose to them insisting they 'want another one' from the big packet!

The biscuits are coated with chocolate one-side, most like the design of a regular chocolate digestive but the biscuit howev er has a differnt, quite distinct taste. I'd say i compare it most closely to a malted-milk biscuit. They are firm but not hard, more difficult for children to snap and are only a little crumbly - which is brillilant news as it could prevent lots of crumbs in the car!

Once the box is finished (granted this might be a bit of a struggle if you have 2 children that both love Dora!) but the box has both a puzzle and a colouring-in section on the back - so yet the fun continues!
It compromises of a spot the difference with 7 to find which is great for getting little minds to work! And the colouring section which has the 3 characters - Dora, Swiper and Backpack in black and white outline. This might be another thing that keeps the children pre-occupied, and if they want to do this first (as in my experience they never want to wait!) then as the biscuits are individually wrapped you can simply pop them into the cupboard without the box!

Overall i think this is a brilliant product! Great for children and all the family alike, the biscuits are light and tasty - perfect for trips, lunchboxes and little treats.

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