Friday, 26 April 2013

Spring TAG!

What is your favourite Spring nail polish?
My favourite spring Nail Polish has to be the New ModelsOwn Fruit Pastel Scented collection! I picked up my first one yesterday in Boots - Apple Pie! ( a review will be up tomorrow!) They have 5 gorgeous colours all with a matching fruit scent: Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie, Banana Split, Strawberry Tart & Grape Juice!

What is your must have lip colour this Spring?
Definitely this Watermelon shade of Burt's Bees Shimmer Lip Balm! I was bought one for Christmas and have just re-stocked with this one - which is SO cheap it's unbelievable from Amazon! It's a beautiful shade of pink which always reminds me of hot days which are made so much more refreshing with Watermelon slices!

Show/Tell us about your favourite Spring dress?

My favourite spring dress is this bright & bold red and white polka dot halterneck dress which my *gorgeous & talented* mother made for me out of a roll of material! It really does stand out, but makes me feel happy and smiley!

What is your favourite flower?
My favourite flower has Always been the lily. Ever since i was little i have been fascinated with the delicate nature, the beautiful pastel colours and the spotted seed-pattern in the centre. They really are a thing of beauty and i dream of the day i can carry them down the aisle!

What is your favourite Spring scarf/accessory? 
My favourite spring scarf has to be one i purchased in the sale at H&M around 3 years ago. It's a beautiful indigo-blue with a white swallow design. I usually tie it around my head underneath my hair to keep it out the way when i'm out & about enjoying the countryside!

What Spring trends are you most excited for?
I'd definitely have Pastels: as you can see by my Nail polish *fave above! But also the 'White bag' craze that's going on! I really need to get my hands on a big, shopper in leather-look bright white! They look both classy and original and i think i could make it work with almost anything!

What is your favourite Spring candle?
Yankee Candle have to be my favourite candle supplier! But their New Easter range blew me away! I absolutely love the scent of their 'Bunny Cake' candle.. the hints of coconut and vanilla are like heaven!

What is your favourite body spray/perfume for Spring?
I don't usually use different scents for different seasons but i have just bought a new body mist from Avon called: Tahitan Holiday Exotic Body Mist i'm not planning on going abroad this summer (boo! *sadface*) although this does a pretty good jobof making me imagine i am! It's got a gorgeous scent of coconut that comes through quite strongly so i ensure i wear it, even on miserable days!
I also absolutely Love Lacoste - Touch of Pink that i wear all the time!

What is Spring like, where you live?
Rubbish! Rainy, cold & generally upsetting since we get hints of sunshine and still latch onto the hope that it might stay and blossom into marvellous heat! Although we do our best at still fashioning the latest trends.. even if we have to match them with wellies & a mac!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?
The hope that seems to suddenly blossom with the season. I love the simple nature points; baby ducklings, blooming daffodils and the greenery emerging again after the 'harsh' winter..

Are you a Spring cleaner?
Not usually, although this year i have made much more of an effort! Last weekend my bedroom was thoroughly sorted through, and i will sure to be Ebaying, donating and customising soon!

Any plans for a Spring break/Vacation?
Unfortunately not.. other than a quick 2-day trip to london 31st May-2nd June which will compromise of a cheap-ish hotel stay, GreenDay gig!<3  and shopping in shops that i can't find in the Midlands! The majority of my time will hopefully -fingers crossed- be spent in the lovely sunshine having a BBQ and exploring the local nature reserve. 

I TAG you all to do this tag, and if you do it.. please comment below with the link to it so we can all have a read of your Spring answers!

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