Monday, 8 April 2013

Letter Writing - Is it really outdated?

WHen i was younger, my parents owned a caravan at the Littlesea Holiday Park Haven Holidays site in Dorset. I met a few friends there and at the ripe age of 11 i began writing to them on a regular basis when i got home.

After a few years the letters became left frequent, making way for the Social Networking sites such as MySpace and nnow Facebook.

Although until quite recently, it didn't bother me too much, thyen i was chatting to one of the girls that i met at the holiday camp 'all those years ago..' and she suggested we start writing to each other again.

Until then, i never realised that i missed it or that it was really becoming a thing of the past..

I was speaking to Sonic about it and he was telling me that his best friend had  said that his girlfriend was doing the same thing, although he couldn't figure out why an earth you'd want to write to someone when you can just send an email??

This got me thinking. It is a lovely, traditional thing to do that i do want to make more time for. Technology is so advanced now that i don't think that half of the children nowadays might Ever write a letter and post it themselves into an iconic red postbox.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to this tradition yet though, that's for sure!

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  1. I used to write a lot of letters, think I just got lazy (or too much to do), it really is nice to receive a letter, too easy to email or post comments, not so personal.