Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bucket Lists

Everyday when we wake up, i'm sure atleast half of us wish our livescould be a little more exciting!
When i was a young teenager, i wrote myself a list '100 Things I Want To Do'

As things happen, the list consequently ended up somewhere forgotten in an old notebook, buried somewhere in the depths of my room! Although around 6 years later, i re-discovered it and as i read through it, there were some items on the list that now seemed silly as i was older, but i was actually surprised that quite a few of them had remained the same and that i did still want to do those things.

Having discovered it again, i thought i would try to re-write it.. (i never actually had 100 things listed on it but that was the goal).

I currently have 49 things on the list, and at 20 years old i know that i will not be completeing all of them soon! Although i have managed to accomplish these 7:

  • Do a professional photoshoot
  • Have blue & pink hair
  • Have the top of my ear and nose pierced
  • Have one of my poems professionally published
  • Go clubbing with my big brother and sister
  • Go to my high school prom
  • Go to Vans Warped Tour
And i am excited to say that i will be accomplishing another in around 6 weeks time which is:
  • See GreenDay live and hear 'Jesus of Surburbia'
They were my favourite band when growing up and i still love them now so this was one of the main ones on my list.

When reading through the blogs i subscribe to this morning, i came across a post on:
Slummy Single Mummy called: 40 Things To Do Before You're 40

It got me thinking, does everyone have a Bucket List of there own? I think they're a brilliant idea as you can note down and record even the smallest accomplishments that you want to complete and ticking them off gives you a sense of achievement!

Has anyone got any other suggestions or things that they would like to add to their own? I'd love to hear them!

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