Sunday, 18 October 2015

Ben & Jerry's: Save Our Swirled SOS! Special Edition

This is the newest flavour to hit the shelves of the UK!
Save Our Swirled SOS!
Raspberry Ice Cream with Marshmallow & Raspberry-Blackberry Swirls & Chocolatey Cone Pieces

I'm a huge lover of the Ben & Jerry's brand and was super excited when I first heard that they were releasing a new flavour. Not only does the brand makes absolutely delicious and unique ice-cream flavours but they are big advocates for helping to save the planet and the reason they create Special Edition flavours is to help spread the world about these causes.

Save Our Swirled reads: SOS! It's more than just a call to action: it's a swirled-class flavour you can't resist, and a climate change message you can't ignore. If it's melted, it's ruined. Learn more & take action at

I personally think that brand's this big that are helping to share this message is something that definitely needs to be cheered at! Any ice cream with this message and such fantastic inventive methods and flavours is a winner in my book!

At a first glance the ice cream looks nothing special but the lovely swirls even seen when opening the lid are definitely something special! I love that Ben & Jerry's definitely completely fill their tubs - there is no empty half of the container here!
The swirls definitely run through the entirety of the ice cream instead of just one side which is exactly what is wanted - the Raspberry ice cream is quite subtle but the added swirls make a heavenly combination! The blackberry swirls add an extra little kick which really sums up the flavour but to me, it is definitely not just another raspberry-ripple!

As you can see from the photo above, the swirls do really go all the way down the tub and there is actually quite a lot of 'filling'. The final ingredient is the gorgeous two-tone chocolate cones! A milk chocolate cone with a white chocolate top adds something both cute and ingenious.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Whether you're a lover of the brand or this would be your first taste of Ben & Jerry's - it would be an excellent starting point I think as it isn't quite as sweet and overloading as something like Phish Food! My boyfriend isn't a fan of the brand but he really loved this flavour too!

Currently at ASDA as part of the '2 for £6' deal!


  1. I LOVE Ben & Jerry's and these flavour sounds amazing!! I haven't seen it yet, so will have a look out for it

    1. It really is amazing! You can find it in Tesco too!

  2. Your review is so enthusiastic, I will go out and buy some. I am not a huge fan of ice cream but the combinations of flavour sound a bit 'special', nice way to finish off a meal.