Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Day I tried McDonalds Pancakes for Breakfast..

First off I love the cute polystyrene box with the 'Rise and Shine' quote on - i'm a sucker for cute logos and wording! I must also mention that I really enjoyed the new Vanilla Latte although most of the Vanilla seemed to have sunken to the bottom of the cup.. It did smell amazing though!

The fab and surprisingly big pot of syrup provided with the pancakes was really easy to open which was a bonus for a sleepy morning - (we were there at 6:30am!)
The pancakes were around the size of the base of a large coffee mug and were around 2-3cm thick so plenty to indulge in

The syrup soaked in beautifully to the pancakes and it was runny, sickly sweet and everything you would expect - I would definitely have them again and can't believe I hadn't tried them sooner!

So if you love pancakes and syrup - get yourselves to McDonalds between 5:30 - 10:30am - you won't be disappointed for £2.29!

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