Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grace's Irish Shortbread - Made with Irish Butter

This beautiful product was found in an aisle at the Tesco Extra near me and I'm a big fan of anything Irish and i've heard before that Irish shortbread specifically, is amazing.. 
For starter's the box being an Emerald green is really appealing and that it' 'Made With Irish Butter' is also another perk of it's authenticity as the butter is extra creamy and delicious!

I ahve heard of the GRACE'S brand before but have never come across them so I couldn't wait to just dig into the pack and taste the product! The shapes of the biscuits are an exact replica of the photo on the pack which I was quite impressed by. The shape makes you simply think of Ireland with it being a Shamrock and they look really cute and perfect for St. Patrick's Day! If you need an occasion of course.. In total you get 8 biscuits in the pack so they are great for sharing if you wish.

I was really impressed by the pure thickness of the shortbread and how the pieces had settled in the box as there were nearly no crumbs upon opening the packet. The biscuit seemed sturdy but I could already feel the sensation of the butter as soon as I picked one up in my hand - (Not a bad thing by the way)

Upon tasting, a beautiful velvety texture awaits, engulfed with shiny butter and crisp sweet biscuit which I find was the perfect combination! Beware of the overloading crumbs that come when eating though - so probably best not to eat it over a cup of hot coffee or tea.. 
It really is the best i've ever tasted and for the price, I wouldn't hesitate to buy again!

Where to Buy: Tesco (click to buy here)
Cost: £1.90