Monday, 26 October 2015

Ribena Winter Spice Review - Delicious and Warming for the whole family!

Spice up your winter with a limited edition hot squash from Ribena
The launch of a deliciously unique hot squash – Ribena Winter Spice – adds a drop of  warm indulgence to those special winter evenings
 This season sees the exciting launch of Ribena’s new limited edition flavour, Ribena Winter Spice – Ribena’s first ever drink designed to be served hot.
As the winter nights draw in and the festive season approaches, sit back, relax and unwind with this fruity and indulgent hot squash. This limited edition flavour is a delicious blend of Ribena’s signature blackcurrant taste infused with aromatic spices including nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and cinammon and tastes just like a non-alcoholic mulled wine.

Uplift your senses with its unique and velvety rich flavour, satisfying the taste buds from first to last drop.  And with no added sugar, Ribena Winter Spice is a special indulgence for any time of the day.

This warming delight adds a touch of spice to every occasion – whether you’re enjoying a relaxing ‘me time’ moment or sharing an evening with friends. 

Sara Hasan, Ribena Brand Manager, says, “Now that the autumn chill is starting to set in, this is the perfect time to introduce hot Ribena.
“Ribena is known and loved for its traditional blackcurrant heritage and tasty berry flavours, so we’re very excited to be giving it a seasonal twist and introducing the long-awaited Ribena Winter Spice, perfect for all the Ribena fans who want to unwind with a hot mug of an evening.”
Ribena Winter Spice will be available in 600ml (RRP: £1.69) and 850ml (RRP: £2.49) bottles at major supermarkets nationwide from September for a limited period only. 
So thanks to the lovely people over at Ribena I got the chance to try this bottle of warming deliciousness at home! I got my favourite retro mug ready and boiled the kettle..

I states to make 1 part Ribena, 4 parts water so I tried to estimate it - the first time I made it way too strong though! Oops!

In goes the hot water (I boiled the kettle and then left it for between 30-60 seconds before pouring) and the temperature was just right!

 So.. how did is taste??

The extra spices add a little extra to the texture and the hot water seems to add an extra 'layer' somewhat to the flavour and the drink tastes thicker than it would cold. I absolutely loved everything about it and will definitely be buying more - I loved warm blackcurrant before bed when I was younger so this is right up my alley!

It was very warming! I'd definitely drink this in a morning before heading out, as well as again at night before bed. You could really taste the extra spices in there - not super strong but enough to have you body warmed - just like when you have a cinnamon coffee! I'd definitely recommend this product to all ages - the perfect drink for the whole family, including the little ones this Autumn and Winter!

*I was sent this product for free for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own


  1. Rabina has always been one of my favourite drinks since I was young!
    I had no idea about this winter spice flavour! It sounds super interesting though~
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    xx Charmaine

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  2. This is now on my shopping list. Will be looking forward to the spicy warmth, just reading this makes me feel cosy.