Monday, 14 September 2015

Wonka Hoppin Nerds!

I've been so excited to try these since I first saw them advertised at Easter!
I never managed to get my hands on any though, so when I noticed these when out shopping last week I had to grab them!

WONKA Hoppin Nerds

My favourite thing about his product has to be the amazing colours - Bright Blue, Yellow and Pink that really do just scream Easter!
I had no idea they'd be so bright but there's something fascinating about almost luminescent sweets.. Especially when it's in WONKA's case!

They have the same flavour as the Rainbow Nerds - the same extremely sweet and somewhat powerful aftertaste! They are absolutely delicious but beware - the major sugar rush afterwards can hit you slightly off-guard!

Where to Buy: Poundworld
Price: £1

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