Thursday, 3 September 2015

NEW Choco and Caramel Pick Up! Biscuits

I noticed these when doing the weekly shop at our local ASDA store

I love that they come in single wrappers which makes them the perfect snacks for journeys or lunchboxes! They come in packs of 4 so the perfect amount I think for the week if you're buying 2 packs for £2!

I think the imprinted name looks really cute and the printed 'crack' in the centre makes you just want to snap it and enjoy the delicious taste!
The biscuit is actually quite thick and has a fantastic snap to it. The filling really surprised me though - the chocolate is actually a hard slab (whereas I thought it might have more of a softer texture) and that teamed with the thick yet runny caramel makes it a really sweet and moreish treat!
Perfect for all ages!

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