Sunday, 6 September 2015

NEW Maryland Mix'ems Cookies!

I spotted these chunks of loveliness on my last shopping trip, and couldn't wait to try them!
There's Biscuit, Toffee Popcorn, Caramel and Candy Shells.. Sounds like heaven..
I love the Maryland brand as I love the chocolate chip cookies so I couldn't wait to see how these compared..

As the pictures show, the cookies have lots of filling which I was happy about as usually you can get cooking with hardly any of the extras in. The contents was well dispersed around the cookies and they had plenty of delicious crunch! You can immediately taste the sweetness of the candy shells, followed by the soft popcorn texture and the caramel flavour comes through after giving it a fantastic aftertaste - and making them Very moreish!
It's the perfect balance of a delicious cookie to have with your hot beverage of choice, with the added fun of interesting fillings which I think makes them perfect for all ages. They are not overly sweet as the base cookie mix and popcorn keeps the slight savoury element.

Where to buy: ASDA
Price: £1.00
Other Varieties: Maryland Chocolate Mix'ems with Fruit Jellies & Candy Shells

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  1. Ohh I haven't' seen these before...I need to try them!