Monday, 20 May 2013

Shopping Trip!

Yesterday i went shopping with my Bestie Amy - just thinking of a Big Bang Theory reference now!
It was a pretty serious shopping haul but quite a few bits were for my Blog Box Swap partner which is being sent off this week! Exciting times!

So i only ended up buying a few bits for myself but couldn't resst showing you my favourite buy!
I apologise for the awful picture quality! I'll use them in an #OOTD post so you can see them better tomorrow!

These were the last pair on the shelf and were in My Size so i just had to grab them!
I'm absolutely loving the Coral colour trend and had been loking for some flats..
So when i came across these baby's i just couldn't resist such a bargain!
These were Only £5 from Primark!
I ljust love the cute material bows :)

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