Monday, 6 May 2013

New Ribena Mango & Lime drink Review!

With the weather being so gorgeous over the past few days, i needed a refreshing drink!
Especially yesterday when it was actually quite 'Hot' so i toddled off down the shop in my denim shorts & cowboy boots to see what they had to offer!
Sonic actually came across this for me as he  knows i absolutely Love anything Mango..
I was quite interested too at how these 2 quite strong and distinctive flavours might work together.

When i opened the bottle and heard that satisfying little 'Click' of the top i was excited to be trying something new. A gorgeous smell seemed to emerge from the bottle which smelt very strongly of Mango but you could smell faint undertones of lime and i couldn't wait to see how it would taste.

I poured it into a glass to get a better look at the colour as with normal Ribena the juice is quite thin and almost see-through with purple so i really wasn't expecting the juice to be as bright as it was!

It did look brighter than this but the sun had gone in!

It's a deep orangey-yellow colour that looks exactly like pure Mango juice!
The flavour has a bit of a tang to it but not one that seems to get caught in your throat, it's quite a nice tang..

ALTHOUGH the front of the bottle the flavour states 'Mango & Lime' but when checking the reverse label it actually says; 'Orange, mango & Lime Juice drink' which did catch me off guard a bit as i have to be careful as Sonic is allergic to oranges! But luckily i managed to notice before kissing him or anything and had to emergency run off and brush my teeth quite severely!

The drink does overall have a nice flavour to it and is very refreshing on a hot day. I unfortunately probably won't buy this again because of the Orange factor but if you have no problem with oranges then it's a big thumbs up and i do recommend it!

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