Friday, 3 May 2013

BEDM Day 3 - A Day in the Life of Me!

My day usually starts with a quick flick through my emails and a cup of Coffee in my Yoshi-Nintendo mug that Sonic bought me for christmas!

I then use my new Rimmel Gentle make-up remover - reviewed here - before applying my organic & natural moisturiser to keep my skin feeling fresh and natural!
I also try to get an early blog-post in!

I then take my lovely gorgeous Mister Stig for his walk so her can run, play & explore!

I then sit at the computer, checking;
 My emails: Contact Me!
 Social networking sites:
BloglovinFacebookTwitterGoogle+ &

 Also reading other blog's! My favourites right now are:
Check them out!

I then usually paint my nails using either a new Nail Polish that i've bought to test it out, or my favourites being: Ciate'!

I'll usually have lunch between 1-2pm, a salad, cheese & crackers or sometimes my favourite; a fish-finger sandwich!


I then tend to flick through magazines making notes of things i can blog about or read up on.
I'm currently reading up on Grazia magazine as i met their Beauty Expert last night at an event and she was so lovely and amazing! I really want to keep in touch!

Then i tend to spend some time with The family; Sonic, Little Man, Princess & Bubba - playing video games/Wii oand watching quiz shows on ChallengeTV!
We Love;
Family Fortune's, Bob's Full House and The Crystal Maze

Then i'll make a cooked dinner from scratch and sometimes even bake cakes - but that's usually left for the weekend!

I'll then settle down to write my evening blog-posts and research with the notes i've written earlier.
Sometimes i'll have time to go through Loquax and enter some competitions too!

But sometimes i get lucky and get invited to events on the night-time so i'l lget myself ready and go and meet people to have fun and start networking!

My sister having a Benefit make-over at Grazia Beauty Event Birmingham - Harvey Nichols

So.. that's a regular and normal day in the life of me!
It's probably boring (but i promise it can be exciting sometimes!)
But just the regular little life of me..

(Im on the Right!)


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think we all think our own day is boring...but I found your day interesting!

  2. Awh thankyou! Yeah i suppose you're right, we all think being someone else would be fantastic.. i suppose our own lives are just the 'norm' :)