Tuesday, 21 May 2013

#BEDM My Dream Job

As i've grown up i have had so many different 'Dream Jobs'
When i was little i wanted to be an artist and wanted to be a presenter on 'Art Attack!' as i was always being creative and making things!

When i got a little older i wanted to be a social worker like on Tracy Beaker! I thought it would be brillaint to help children less fortunate than me and to be able to ahve a say in what happens to them.

Then when i was a young teenager i wanted to be a body piercer but the course was far too expecsive for me to be able to take (an intensive 5-day course would cost £1500!)
I then wanted to become a beauty therapist.. i loved looking unique and different but i also loved make-up and wanted to try and show people that just because i dressed differently it didn't mean that i couldn't be girly too! I loved doing manicures on the other girls and learning valuable techniques!

So as you can see i went through a whole range of things that i've thought i'd lvoe to do and truth-be-old i'd love to be able to do All of them! But i know that isn't possible so i settled for completeing a Business Administration apprenticeship in a busy Solicitors office and now do office work - pretty boring i know!

I honestly am not sure what i would absolutely Love to do. I do absolutely Love fashion and have always loved the idea of alternative modelling, designing a fashion range and also writing for a fashion magazine.. I have plenty of time to tune my skills and give these a go though!
Although my biggest priority right now is to keep writing my blog and become a professional blogger if possible! But only time and hard-work will tell!

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