Sunday, 5 May 2013

#BEDM Day 5 - Healthy Tips :)

They always say the basics to being healthy is eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise.. but don't they make it sound sooo boring??

Last year me and my boyfriend tried the 'Atkins Diet' and we literally lived on meat and eggs for 4 weeks! SO boring, don't try it - i didn't want to eat meat for months!)

So, my top tips for leading a healthy style include some things to make it a little more interesting :)

  • Try exercise such as Yoga - it relaxes your mind as well as stretching your muscles & help with your overall wellbeing. It really does work and it's brilliant to wind down after a busy day!
  • I do try to eat atleast 3 salads a week but plain ones are a big no-no! I try making my own salad dressings with olive oil, herbs and vinegar. Even adding some interesting components such as different coloured peppers, slices of apple or grated carrot
  • Watermelon is a brilliant snack for warmer weather - it helps to keep you hydrated and added with fruits such as mango and strawberries make a yummy fruity feast!
  • I couldn't find the motivation to go jogging in a morning so instead i started getting up early and taking the dog with me. It gives a better wake-up affect than a strong cup of coffee and a slow-paced jog mixed with short bursts of faster running is better exercise and it gives the dog some enjoyment too!
Has anyone else got their own healthy tips? I'd love to hear them!

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