Friday, 10 May 2013

#BEDM My Travel Dreams..

Ever since i was little i have always loved exploring and going to new places. Discovering something new makes you feel great inside and it gives you a buzz.. a craving to discover more places and visit the wonders of the world.
I do have a 'Travel WishList' on places that i'd love to go although i know i'll never complete that list unless i suddenly win the lottery!

So far in my life i have been Very lucky and have visited: Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Fuertuventura - Spain, Dominican Republic & Kenya - which was breathtaking!

Mine & Adam's first holiday: Marmaris, Turkey

Although i have to say i dream about visiting Thailand..
I'd lvoe to just grab a backpack, go to the airport, jump on a plane and go explore. You can ride elephants through the jungle, eat with the locals and camp on the beach.
That is definitely Top of my wishlist!


Other places on my Wishlist:

I'd travel Route 66, fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Visit Las Vegas and then visit Niagra Falls and the Golden Gate bridge for fantastic picture opportunities!


I'm of Irish heritage but have never visited! It is one of my top priorities as i want to visit the little village where my grandad grew up. Although i'm going to dodge the tourist area of Dublin and travel the countryside underneath


The country of romanticism and luxury! I'm intrigued by all the architecture, the art-deco designs and historic buildings. We'll visit the Barcelona football stadium and the various ruins and galleries.. Also the vast unexplored countryside of Tuscany and of course the Collesseum in Rome

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