Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Products Session! :)

The past couple of weeks at home have been horrendous and tiring! The council are currently doing-out the Entire house! So it's up at 7am every morning, they arrive at 8am - work til between 5-7pm and then leave ready for the next day again..
We currently have No kitchen and the microwave, kettle and toaster are all residing in the bedroom! *Living the Dream*

So now that i can actually access the bathroom to have a shower - i decided to make the most of it and use 4 New products that i ahve accumalated over the past couple of weeks!

-Garnier Body Summerbody Mosturising Sunkissed-look Lotion
-Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer Treatment Sachet
-BiO2You Organic Seabuckthorn Facial Scrub
-No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser Hypo-allergenic

Firstly, i got my hair washed and used the Andrew Barton The Frizz Tamer sachet. I have never used any Andrew Barton products before so was really intrigued. The sachet had an easy-open rip top (not as easy with wet hands!) and a beautiful smell wafted out the top when opened it! The product is quite thick and creamy and pure white - it felt realy luxorious when applying to my hair too! I used the entire sachet as directed and smoothed it through my hair and left it for 3 minutes before combing and rinsing thorughly. Now it's drying naturally and it still smells amazing and feels really soft!
Exclusively at ASDA - £4

Next i wraped my hair in a towel and set about applying the Garnier Summerbody Sunkissed Lotion. The lotion is pure white which surprised me as i expected a hint of colour. It is fragrance free and really smooth! I suffer with ezcema on my legs and i applied it over them and had no irritation! It leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished - i can't wait to see if i get a built-up tan over the next month nor so!
Boots - £5.10 available on 3for2

Next i ran some warm water in our new sink and dampened the skin on my face. I decided to apply the No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser first. I had read about this product and recieved a £5 off any No7 skincare product for Boots after spending £5 in a previous shop so i bought this little beauty for only £4! It is unscented and hypo-allergenic which is perfect for my normal/dry skin, the liguid in the tube is a thick gel that it see-through and a little bubbly but very smooth. I applied it to damp-skin and massaged for around 3 minutes and then rinsed my face with warm water. It left it starting to feel softened straight away!
Boots - £9

Lastly, i applied the Bio2You Organic Seabuckthorn Facial Scrub. I have been waiting excitedly to use this product! I love facial scrubs and haven't used an organic one before. This was sent by the lovely people at their company so i couldn't wait to try it out! The liquid is a pale-sandy colour with a gritty consistency. It states to apply to cleansed skin and gently massage, so i followed these instructions ensuring i caught every area of my face and the bottom on my chin. It felt surprisingly soft and comfortable to use and i then rinsed it with warm water as stated.
£17 - Amazon

After dabbing my face dry with a soft towel, i felt my face and i honestly haven't felt my skin this soft Ever! The products left my face feeling gorgeously soft and refreshed and i definitely recommend them!


  1. Ooh wow that No7 melting gel cleanser sounds amazing!!! I'd love to try that :) great post lovely xxx

    ❤ ❤

  2. Yeah it's brilliant, i was surprised as never tried any NO7 products before! :)
    Thankyou! x