Saturday, 4 May 2013

#BEDM Day 4 - My 5 Favourite blogs!

I absolutely love searching through the many different types of blogs and finding so many unique bloggers! I admire all bloggers as all their contributions are different and they all have different opinions and viewpoints which are brilliant to explore.

Right now, my 5 favourite bloggers have to be:

I absolutely Love Charlotte's blog, it is totally unique and her videos are brilliant, really insightful and always make me giggle! She has regularly alerts you to new brands and shops that i'd either never have thought of visiting or had never heard of! She's such a lovely person and has been brilliant when i've asked her questions about blogging!

This blog is amazingly unique and Louise seems so bubbly, happy and dedicated to her blog. Her videos are so funny and always make me laugh, she also seems so down-to-earth! Seeing the events that she attends is inspirational and it's brilliant reading about her day-to-day life from her unique perspective.

I love this blog, it's so different and quirky. The sharp and to-the-point posts always keep my interest and all her buys are brilliant! I love reading about her bargain buys and her top-picks, her posts frequently make me scour the internet for the products i've seen. She's a great inspiration for all us bargain-queens and just makes you wanna go shopping!

Jessica's is such a lovely person and blogger and is a great inspiration to all aspiring-writers! She has just written her own book on Amazon called: Anti-Diet & Uncle Bulls**t! It's such an inspirational book for all women and is all about the attitude surrounding the diet industtry and our relationships with food - but from a brand new perspective! I also love her creative blogposts and the passion she shows.

Laura seems such a down-to-earth and lovely person and always finds the time to reply to a tweet! Her posts are always unique in her own way which makes her blog really interesting and a must-read! Her recommendations are brilliant and more-often-than-not i find myself scouring the internet trying to find them at a bargain price!

So these are my favourite bloggers right now and i hope you love them all too!

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