Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blog Box Swaps - So much fun!

I am happy to say i have finally bought, wrapped and sorted evrything ready to send my first Blog Swap Box on it's way!

I have had so much fun thinking, shopping and preparing my box to send! It really is a brilliant experience as it really makes you think about what you're buying and what the other person would like.
Before i came across the opportunity a few months ago on the lovely Zoe over at Face Value Beauty Blog i had never even heard of a Blogger Box Swap before - but now i'm so glad i came across the post!

It's a brilliant experience that i think allows you to get to know other bloggers in a unique and fun way and i can't wait to see what Bridget-Nicole over at When Shadows Remain thinks of her box!
And obviously i can't wait to recieve mine!

I think it's a brilliant opportunity that every blogger should try atleast once! I'm very keen to do more and this one isn't even over yet!
So if anyone is interested in doing a box swap.. i'd be happy for you to get in touch!


  1. Amazing! Looks like a very good box, Bridget-Nicole is one lucky gal!! Can't wait to read more about what you get :)

    Love Zoe x