Tuesday, 7 May 2013

#BEDM Day 7 - My Pets

Pets have always been a big part of my life.. Growing up we had an absolutely Beautiful Golden Labrador Retriever called Sandy. He was exactly 2 years older than me, as it was so strange but he was born on the same date, just 2 years before! He was my best friend growing up, i used to cuddle him when i was upset and whisper to him and tell him all my secrets and dreams and when i was ill he Never left my side.
Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of him as we lost him when he was 14, which was 9 years ago and ou mobile phones didn't have usb leads then!

After him, my parents have never had anbother dog as my dad couldn't cope with losing another one.. but me and Sonic have had 2 pets since we've been together.

This little chappy is Harry the Hamster! He was the best hamster we could've ever hoped to have, he was vicious though - he used to bite a lot! But we managed to train him.. i doidn't think it was possible to train a hamster before.. he learnt to do monkey-bars across the top of his cage (we didn't teach him that, he did it whilst trying to retrieve a nut!)

When he got his space ball we could finally let him out of his cage and he used to love running around - and chasing the dog who admittedly was scared of him! He's such a wuss! If he was in another room and you called him, he'd actually come to us, it was amazing :)

Then there's Mister Stig!

Our beautiful boy Stig is 4 years old and he's a King Charles Cavalier. He's our little pride and joy, but he can be a naughty little doggy at times!
He looks quite proud on this picture and is lying enjoying the sun..

He also loves washing.. and socks! He'll chase a roled up pair of socks around the floor for hours!

We're thinking of getting some Degus once the house is done but we'll see if Stig's scared of them first!

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