Monday, 13 May 2013

#BEDM Go Green!

I'm sorry i've been neglacting my BEDM pledge for the past couple of days but i didn't think i could write justifyable blog posts for the topics but i'm back now and ready to go!

So why is going green important to me?
Ever since i was little my mom has encouraged the family to recycle, give away unwanted clothes and save electricity and water. I think it is her influence mainly but i do truly believe that we can all do positive things to help the planet. I know that everyone says that them doing that one little thing won't help, but combined with everyone else's little save then it becomes a big deal!
I absolutely Love nature! I like nothing better than rambling through nature reserves on nice days and exploring the canals and i want to help do everything i can to protect the environment and wildlife whilst we've still got some!

I always make sure that all cardboard, glass, plastic, paper and tins all go straight to the recycle bin. The amount of times i've told Sonic "i'll do it" when he's going to tidy something up to ensure that nothing goes in the bin that isn't meant to! You'd be surprised how much you actually put in your recycle bin when you're carefula nd it's not time consuming at all - it's really simple when you think about it!
Tip: Assign an area in your house to put all recycling and then take it out to the recycling bin once a day

If i'm totally honest, i can be a bit leniant on this one. I always turn the computer off when i go to sleep but as i use it a lot i see it pointless to turn it off everytime i'm not using it.. Although our new Plasma tv has an on/off button instead of just standby which is amazing and we ensure that is turned off when we're not watching it.
Tip: Think about how often you are going to use that item in one day. Are you going back on the games console after you've been out or within the next 5 hours?

My mom has Always had a thing about lights! She goes mental even now if one of us leaves a light on in a room we're not in when we visit! I've sort of adapted to this and can't help turning off the lgiht in every room that i leave! It's such a simple thing to do too so just flick that switch!

That massive pile of clothes that you know you'll never wear or the ones you think 'just in case'? Why not give them to a local charity shop? It always feels better replacing clothes that you know have gone to a good cause too!
Tip:  Sift through them and think 'will i wear this in the next 3 months'? If not them get rid!

This can be really simple! Just turn off the tap when you're burushing your teeth until you need it again. Don't leave the shower running for 10 minutes because you've forgotten to do something or need to find something! And does the kettle really need to have water that's been running for 5 minutes in it when boiling it will take away anything nasty anyway?

So these are my simple tips for Going Green!
Simple but effective!
Do you have any tips?

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