Thursday, 16 May 2013

#BEDM Pampering

Over the past few weeks i haven't really had time to pamper myself! With all the building work, plumbing, plastering and what-not the water's been on&off for days and it has been getting really stressful!
Although even when the house is normal, i rarely allow myself time to pamper myself and this is one of the things that i aim to do more of!

My favourite product to use to de-stress is:
Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks
One of my favourites is the Red Earth Clay Mask.
It is so quick and easy to apply and you can actively feel it tightening your skin! It really does make a difference and my skin feels cleaner after using it, as well as more toned and fresh!

I really do plan to spend more time pampering myself and allowing myself time to chill out and wind down as i rarely do and as a result i have realised my sleeping pattern is suffering!
When the house is done i will once again have a bath! (YAY!)
So i plan to indulge in some LUSH products - please feel free to recommend some!

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