Saturday, 18 May 2013

#BEDM - My Best Friends

My best friends are amazing - simply amazing.
The majority i have only known for less than 3 years but we're going strong so far!

The Lads
Shaun, Ben and Woody
(unfortunately i don't actually have any pictures of Woody!)
Shaun & Ben at Ben's Halloween Party 2011!
These guys came into my life not long after i started going out with Sonic. They're 'the cinema lads' we go and watch a film every monday night at the local cinema and have a MaccieD's! They are crazy and so fun, but are always there for you. Within around 2 months i was no longer 'Sonic's girlfriend' i was labelled 'one of the lads' and Shaun frequently calls me 'Man' now!
They're all computer mad and love PC gaming! Shaun's also in a gothic band - who are Amazing!
They are brilliant company and can always make me laugh and make me feel better..

Miss Amy Morgan!
She'd just taken me to Krispy Kreme for the first time!
I love Amy to bits! I also met her for the first time at one of Shaun's gigs and we got on straight away. Within a month she had invited me out shopping and we became really close stright away - we both absolutely Love baking, Gaming, David&Goliath, Nail Polish and shopping!
She's so bubbly and easy to chat to, always makes me laugh and i can ask her about Anything and she'll never judge me, i dunno what i'd do without her! Can't wait for our next serious shopping spree! (which is tomorrow!)

Miss Marie
My beautiful bestie!
Marie and i met around 8 years ago now when i used to hang about town with my friends and go to a rock club in the middle of the day! I just remember her always having chips and offering them to me whilst we shared our love of horror movies and wanting to be alternative models!
She talks straight to everyone, is really loyal, strong, passionate and is a feisty lady! She is currently pursuing burlesque and we share a lvoe of Dita Von Teese and Pin-Up styles! I can go to her with Any problem and i know she'll be there for me and never judge me. She'd pick up the phone to me at 2am and if anyone ever hurt me she'd try and hunt them down! She always makes me giggle and i hate that we don't see each other very often, but things Never change - we are still like we see each other everyday. We say that when we're both moms and we're older we'll be telling our children that we were always best friends even though we were a distance apart. I really don't know what i'd do without this lady in my life.

Each and every one of these people mean a lot to me and i have no clue what i'd do if they weren't there.
Never take your best friends for granted!

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