Thursday, 16 May 2013

NYC Ultra Last Lipstick in Red Flame Review & Swatch

I had heard some other bloggers raving about this so took advantage of the fact i was too near to Superdrug the other day!
I had never used the NYC brand before but i will definitely be picking up some more of their products!
At first i thought they had ran out as the rest of the lipstick collection were all in plain black cases but Sonic saved the day when he retrieved a disguised one that had been hidden at the back!

I think the casing on this looks really professional and sleek - makes it look a lot more expensive than it was!
The colour is Red Flame but it isn't a bright red, it is more of a gritty pink-red the sort you'd imagine in the central flames of a fire!

The swatch is a very accurate colour, it has small sprinkles of glitter and is quite a bright-rosy pink but definitely not a red. So other than the shade name being a little misleading it really is beautiful.

Got a bit carried away with the pictures!!

I think i'd more likely wear this for a night out rather than in the day, but it ahs a beautiful shimmer and for only £1.49 who can complain??
This can be bought at Superdrug and is included in the 3for2 offer!

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  1. Pretty colour, suits you :) I haven't tried any NYC lipsticks yet :)