Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TweezerIT Cuve Collection in Amber Review!

I was so excited when these turned up totally out-of-the-blue in the post the other day! I had heard such good things about the TweezerIT brand but they had always been a little out of my price range.

At £25 a pair, i had always been a bit apprehensive at investing in some as it seemed to me quite a lot of money.. but apparently i should've trusted my instinct all along!

Usually when i pluck my eyebrows the tweezers are quite small which makes it a lot more fiddly process! With the TweezerIt's the stainless-steel tip is around 1cm long and they are around 1.5cm apart and 9.3cm long which is a much better size to work with!
I found them really easy to guide and the ends are actually a slanted tip instead of a point, which allows you to brush yours brows too instead of having to use a seperate brush!

They are beautifully bright and eye-catching, also very sparkly! They certainly make the whole eyebrow affair seem more glamourous and fun!

When using regular tweezers i find it ca be quite an uncomfortable experience, whhich makes my brow lines red and puffy, however these somehow make the whole experience so much more comfortable! I had no redness At All and minimal puffiness, also my skin still felt smooth and fresh at the end of my 'session'.

They are an amazing professional product and should be a part of every woman's make-up kit!

They are available to buy for £25 from the official TweezerIT website

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