Wednesday, 15 May 2013

#BEDM Life Lessons

This is a really interesting subject and i have to admit that i had to think really hard about what my answer to this was..
In the end i think the lfie lesson i follow and value most is:
'Follow your heart & Follow your dreams'

I know it can be really cliched but this has never steered me wrong!
When i was a young teenager, i allowed some people to make decisions for me and i though that others might know best and i used to question myself.. but as i got a little older i realised that no-one knew me but Me! And there was no-one else who was going to understand exactly what i wanted and no-one else was going to be able to help me get there.
I believe in taking chances and following your gut instinct.

 I would never have even thought about or stumbled across the blogging world if i hadn't decided that i couldn't put up with my current job anymore and that my mom was more important. She was having a major neck operation and my work took 2 hours there and the same back everyday on buses, i was working a 12-hour day realistically.
I saved and made sure i had some money behind me and ventured off on my little dream of blogging whilst looking after my mom. I followed my heart in terms of family and i just knew in myself that it was the right thing to do.

I have had thoughts about many career paths and many different jobs but there isn't one other than blogging that i Really wanted to do. I am finally happy in myself and i feel so much more relaxed and i know that if i wouldn't have followed my 'dreams' that i wouldn't be here now. I made a big risk and it's defintely paying off! Sonic is really supportive too.
There's a little list of things that i'd love to do and i'm very determined and i know that if i work hard and follow my heart and dreams that i'll get there!

My List:
Write a magazine article
Create a t-shirt design
Host a blogger meet-up
Complete a professional make-up/beauty masterclass
Learn ear-piercing

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