Saturday, 11 May 2013

#BEDM My Top 5 Reads

I absolutely Love reading! I always have as it allows me a way to switch off into a different world and i can get really involved in books! I remembering the last Harry Potter book coming out and i read it within 2 days!
For me books can tug at my emotions much in the way a film can and it's brilliant as you feel strangely connected to the author.

My Top 5

1. Has to be this as it was the last ever Harry Potter book! - to date. I got so involved in this book series and loved every minute of turning every page. I still absolutely love Harry Potter now and i think it just fills your mind with wonder, magic and possibility.

2. MY best friend Katie gave this to me after alost forcefully shoving in into my face and telling me 'You've Got to read this!'.. So i dutifully did. It is such a heart-wrenching story and one that connects immediately with anyone that's been in love. You really feel the emotions for each of the characters and it really is a Must-Read!

3. Another Cecwlia Ahern title, this is about the relationship of a girl and her best friend who's a boy, it's all about their lives, how they grow apart and then finally find each other again. It's an absolutely beautiful story and i could quite honestly read this over and over again. Cecilia Ahern just has this way of making your emotions connect to the characters and you feel like you're there with them - she's an amazing author.

4. This book is one of my absolute favourites. I read this at school in Year 7 and it has had a strange connection with me ever since. The heart-wrenching story of a boy and his older brother who he is inseperable from until the war arrives and they are thrown into the darkness and chaos of being soldiers. It reminds me very much of my close relationshp with my brother whilst growing up and i think that's where my connection lies but it's such a powerful book. I've also seen the stage-play of this and it was absolutely brilliant! Michael Morpurgo just has amazing talent.

5. The final book is a true story written by a survivor. It is the horrifying tale of a child's realtionship with his mother and his fight to be accepted and loved. In fact, the entire series is brilliant, i'd hghly reccomend reading them. It just shocks you into harsh reality and makes you think about yourself and how lucky you are.

So, they are my Top 5 reads. What are your favourite books?

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