Tuesday, 28 May 2013

&OtherStories Wishlist & London Visit!

So this Saturday 1st June i am finally seeing my favourite band and fulfilling one of my childhood dreams and ticking not 1 but 2 things off my Bucket List!
Not only am i seeing my all-time favourite band, i am also visiting my football team, The Gunners Football Stadium!
1st June 2013
Emirates Stadium, London

So as i will be spending the day in London and the gig doesn't start until 6pm i will be taking full advantage of Central London's amazing shopping facilities!
The main shop i am hoping to visit is &OtherStories which is a store i was introduced to a few months back by Lil Miss Chickas in one of her YouTube videos!

&OtherStories are a store which was launched by H&M and after looking online i am very keen to get browsing, buying and lusting in their store!

So this is my Wishlist:
I love this as it would be brilliant for interviews!

Crystal Earrings £7 in Aquamarine
I think these are so different and quirky, they would really definitely dress up a simple jeans & blazer outfit!

I think this is such a uniquetwist on an ordinary shopper and is perfect for casual days and out-of-town shopping trips!

This is absolutely gorgeous! The colour will make a real statement teamed with basic accessories! And for the price what a bargain!

I absolutely love the wooden wedge of these sandals as they are not something you usually see! Perfect for comfortable wear and i think you could team these with almost anything!

This seems like a really unique product and i absolutely Love body scrubs! I'm intrigued at how the mix of scents will work together too

This has a mix of Tiger orchid, Lotus flowers, Nutty almond, Sweet tonka beans, Tree Moss and a splash of Tangerine.
The scents seem really intriguing and i love the colour of the mist!

I've been looking for a product like this for a while and it says it's catered to all skin types! I love being able to spritz my skin especially in the middle of a hot day and this will be perfect for day trips and travelling!

Now this is a product i've never come across before and i'm not sure i could justify spending £25 on this but it is very intriguing.. i've never thought about putting seaweed in the bath before but it's meant to do wonders for your skin!


  1. I love the shopper bag and those wedges. Both are perfect for summer. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so glad you liked Gatsby. I'm excited to see Star Trek. I loved the first movie so I'm really excited for the second one.

  2. Thanks hun! No problem at all :)
    I was a proper Trekkie when the original series was out and the film was as good as i dreamed it would be!

  3. love the fabric shopper, nice for something different! &other stories looks so good - i can't wait to pay it a visit either, if it's anything like h&m i'm sure i'll love it. you'll have to do a post after you've been! x

  4. I know, my visit is tomorrow and i'm so excited!
    I'll be doing a post on my London visit when i get back so i'll definitely feature my &OtherStories experience :) x